Superefficient asynchronous motor-generator


The reign of Her Majesty Oil is close to the end. The invention which is far from controlled thermonuclear fusion and high-temperature superconductivity in the shortest term will revolutionarily change the life on Earth.

Futile attempts of mankind to create an economy car based on electric traction have more than hundred years’ history.  A great many of technologic problems, the main of which is the small capacity of autonomic energy sources, did not allow the electric motor to win the competitive "Motor War" with explosion engine. Life on the planet without exhaust gases and the threat of global warming has remained just a dream.

Automobile companies try hard to create new on-board energy sources able to enlarge the driving range of electric vehicles. Billions of dollars are allocated for development of hydrogen fuel cells and improvement of the construct of electric motors but so far it wasn’t possible to squeeze more from existing technology. 

And now we are happy to tell you that not long ago the superefficient asynchronous motor-generator has been created! Under utmost thorough testing it shows characteristics that are unattainable for all known electric machines. It is also cheaper than asynchronous motor with squirrel-cage rotor and twice as small in weight.

Automobile production is not the main field of application for this invention. Electric engines take approximately 60% of world's power consumption. Big or small, they surround us everywhere. In the compressor of refrigerators, in actuators of elevators and fans, in factory machines and rolling mills, in electric drills and the motor-wheel of dumper trucks. They rotate the screw ships, operate wing flaps in planes, grind meal and drag trains along rails. Power stations burn coal, fuel oil and gas in its furnaces for them. Nuclear reactors are built for them.

And now, let us imagine that electric motors will consume one third less energy for doing the same work. Sounds incredible? No! It will take time to realize consequences of implementation of this invention…

Several billions of powerful electric motors are made in the world every year. New asynchronous motor-generator will replace the most of currently applied in industry and everyday life electric motors and generators from a few Watt to tens of megaWatt in any mode and can change landmarks in world economy. Some branches of industry will be reorganized. Mining of feedstock and production of ferrous and nonferrous metals will be reduced in many millions tons that will lower the common energy consumption.

The production of explosion engines and other parts of conventional automobile will be immensely reduced. Automobile giants will produce cheap electric cars with enlarged mileage by one charging of the accumulator or fuel cells. Rolling stock of railway, city and other kinds of electrified transport will be modernized. Wind farms and other machinery that generate energy will become much simpler.

 Saved energy may make nuclear power stations unnecessary. Need in energy carriers will decrease. Ecology will be essentially improved. Wars for oil will remain in past.

In the literal sense bright future without exhaust gases and ozone holes comes to us today.

 Alexander Khetagurov



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The author of the outstanding technical solutions, our colleague Nikolay Baydasov devoted many years to research.  His previous invention in 2011 was protected by the international application  PCT  WO/2011/002334   METHOD FOR INCREASING THE OPERATING EFFICIENCY OF ASYNCHRONOUS SHORT-CIRCUITED ELECTRIC MACHINES, AND  AN ASYNCHRONOUS SHORT-CIRCUITED ELECTRIC MACHINE (VARIANTS).

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But the real technological breakthrough will be the asynchronous power efficient electric motor with higher load ability in power which we created in 2013. It is called to replace most of presently used in industry and everyday life asynchronous engines and provide the global economy of energy and metals. This invention makes real the creation of a mass electric car with enlarged mileage by one charging of the accumulator or fuel cells. It allows of modernization rolling stock in railway, city and other kinds of electrified transport.

New principles of usage known physical phenomena that were not applied before are laid in the construction of this motor.  Nevertheless, transition to mass production of motor-generator (as the modernization of used motors with squirrel-cage rotor) can be available at any enterprise that uses traditional industrial technologies and materials.

Undisputable advantages and uniqueness of this product allow us to say that there are no any rivals in this branch. The mass of the new engine and its price are lower than usual short-circuited electro engines with the same power have.  It has double nominal power in comparison to existing engines with the same mass. The new electric engine can work short-time with the load that is three or more times as big as nominal. It has high efficiency of nominal mode, reduced starting current ratio and big starting torque. The loss of power is twice as low and the work with frequent triggering and reverse gears is a normal operating mode for it. Rotating frequency can be adjusted by voltage change without lowering a torque.

Let us remark that the circuit of the most common asynchronous motor, created by Dolivo-Dobrovolsky in Germany in 1889, did not change for more than 120 years. Our invention became possible because of the achieved lowering of current of the higher odd harmonics of secondary circuit in 5,2 times. The effect of current turned to the first harmonic and the time of this operation was multiplied three times and that lowered the loss of power in the secondary circuit in 9 times. This action is tantamount to enlarging the cross-section of a copper rod in 9 times. Common loss of the engine power is twice as low.







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